Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The White Stuff

The book is all about relationships. It starts with the relationship between Abbie and Felix, but more and more people get involved.
There's the dead born child which gets between them. Abbie then starts looking for her mother. This involves Felix as well because he chose to take the file. Abbie then creates an imaginary relationship between her dead mother and her dead child. It is Felix again who finds out that Abbie has a sister. When they go to meet the child and her mother, they are expected. An odd relationship develops. The headmaster is Abbies father. Since he impregnated his long-term lover again Abbie will also get a stepbrother. But this will never be the relationship they have because Abbie will take him up as her own child.
Jed is a caring father but still has to sleep under the trampoline from time to time. The friendship between him and Felix is challenged when Felix asks him to give him his sperm. This would also have oddly changed his relationship to Abbie.
Ruby grows up in a slightly chaotic familiy to whom Felix has more contact than he wishes too – since he does not consider them bad people. In order to protect her brother – whom she obviously loves – Ruby has herself raped by Jimmy. Felix also knows Jimmy from former days. Jimmy wanted to donate toys for children.

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