Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Blog Test

It is not one test, but many. To begin with, the student must attend class regularly for a whole term.

It is a test of perseverance.

Every Tuesday, in the early morning, he has to take in new information and bring himself in in the discussions, regardless of his tiredness.

It is a test of self-restraint.

At lunchtime on the chosen day he takes the tram home from university to the peace, comfort and safety of his own home. But his roomie is at home: he is watching TV, whistling, tramping in and out for a chat, a coffee or the shopping list. At this point the student has second thoughts, but the idea of a further period of studying concentrates his mind.

It is a test of time.

With his laptop, he locks himself in the innermost room – a toilet without windows-and settles to the task. He is well practiced, for sure, though the pressure of wanting to do well cannot be ignored, and right now he will confess to ignorance and doubts.

It is a test of concentration, creativity, knowledge and discipline.

Eventually, miraculously, it happens. The amount seems reasonable. Not too stingy, not too flash.

The next stage is an expertness test. He must log in to the blog, create a profile, and post what he wrote. He’s ready to post. He waits.

That is not the end of the test. It is a test of guts now, a test of balls and a test of heart. He hits the post button.

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