Monday, April 26, 2010

Further comments on „Out of the blue“

In sequence four, the speaker tells about his origins and his family. There is the picture painted by his kid: „Here is a picture in purple paint: / two powder-paint towers, heading for space, / plus rockets and stars and the Milky Way, / plus helicopters and aeroplanes.“ After the tower falled, the speaker finds most of his property in the ruins. He even finds „the leaf / of an oak, pressed and dried, papery thin“. But the picture is gone together with the real towers. Hit by an airplane, which has also been drawn in the painting.
Another reference to his family is the last line in sequence four: „If I stand on my toes can you see me wave?“. In sequence 12 he might refer to this sequence: „You have picked me out. / Through a distant shot of a building burning / you have noticed now / that a white cotton shirt is twirling, turning. /
In fact I am waving, waving. / Small in the clouds, but waving, waving. / Does anyone see / a soul worth saving?“ Even though he knows that nobody will really be able to see him, he tries to make himself seen. He might also be trying to contact his daughter, even though it is rationally unrealistic that she will see him. In the whole sequence, one can read his fear. He often repeats single words, which makes one read a bit faster. It might also point out to him not finding more words.

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